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The Ring Keeper Necklace *Live your life collection

The Ring Keeper Necklace *Live your life collection

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This Necklace isn't only beautiful on its own it's also extremely practical! 

Just as the name suggests, it keeps your ring safe and secure during those times when you can't wear it on your finger. Perhaps you are a medical professional, work in the service or food industry, or with heavy tools and machinery and you are not able to wear your ring while working. Or perhaps you have a sensitive stone such as a Opal or Turquoise and you want to avoid exposing it to excessive water or lotions. Or perhaps your ring gets in the way while exercising or doing certain sports.

Whatever the reason might be you can now safely store your ring on you in a matter of seconds, the the best thing is that you don't even need to undo the necklace to hang it on.

Choose between a Gold or Silver option as well as a plain or a hammered finish 

Silver option is all Sterling Silver 

Gold option is Solid 10k Gold with 14K Gold Fill chain



*Please allow 7-10 days for fabrication and shipping 

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