About Nordic Pine


Madelene Rasmussen is the owner, designer, maker and so many other things within Nordic Pine!

For nearly four years I have been studying and refining my knowledge of metalsmithing. Prior to that I studied art in Stockholm, Sweden with a focus on clay sculpting and oil painting. Along the way I started my first small business with a focus on beaded and wire wrapped jewelry and leather accessories.   

I love the process of creating! I have always been drawn to colorful and unique items and I think that reflects in my jewelry. I love mixing metals, using unique stone pairings and uncommon shapes and sizes to create wearable art.

The majority of my pieces are one-of-a-kind as art should always evolve and change based on the mood, feeling and inspiration. My wish is that when you wear one of my pieces you feel as inspired as I did creating it.

Thank you for supporting my work it means more than you could ever imagine!