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  • What type of stones do you use?
    • For ethical reasons I only use stones from The Americas and Australia with the majority of stones being from the US. 90% of my stones come directly from mine owners or Lapidary artist and are always thoughtfully curated 
  • Can a ring be resized?
    • Most of the time I'm able to increase the size but unfortunately I can not make it smaller. If you have any sizing questions send me a message 

    • What type of metals do you use in your jewelry?
      • The main metal that I use is Sterling Silver and 14 or 18 karat Gold. All my pieces containing Sterling will be stamped 925 ( 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals usually copper) and my Gold Pieces will either be stamped 14k or 18k. I also use Fine Silver primarily for the bezel that holds the stone but sometimes other components as well. Fine Silver has 99.9% silver. Occasionally  I also use solid Brass, Copper and Gold Fill (never any Plated metals)

      • What is the difference between Gold Fill and Gold Plated?
        • Gold Fill is an actual layer of gold that is pressure bonded to the base metal and will not rub off. Gold Fill has 5% Gold.
        • Gold Plated has a very thin layer of gold and will rub off and expose the base metal below. Gold Plated has .05% Gold
        • Based on the information above I will never use any Plated Metals in my work.


      • How to store and care for my jewelry?
        • To keep you jewelry shiny and bright store your jewelry in a dry place preferably in a sealed bag or box and not in your bathroom where there is a lot of moisture. Use the polishing cloth I give with every purchase and give it a quick polish whenever it starts looking dull. You can purchase jewelry polishing cloths on Amazon or from jewelry supply stores, I recommend the brand  "sunshine cloth"