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Stone Inlay Rings

Stone Inlay Rings

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These six one of a kind stone inlay rings are created by cutting, grinding and polishing the stone to fit perfectly inside the handcrafted ring setting using slab saw and lapidary wheels.

There are no two rings alike as the stone is cut to shape to fit the setting not the other way around like traditionally bezel set rings.

This is a labor intensive process that I believe is well worth it!

*The Rings are all adjustable but please let me know your size and I'll make sure it's set at your size prior to shipping


A: Nevada Variscite size 8-10

B: Washington state beach rock size 8-10

C: Lapis Lazuli size 8-10

D: Nevada Variscite size 6-8

E: Nevada Variscite size 6-8

F: Nevada Variscite size 6-8

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