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Teardrop pebble pendant
Teardrop pebble pendant
Teardrop pebble pendant

Teardrop pebble pendant

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This one of a kind beach pebble was collected on the beautiful rugged coast of the Puget Sound in Seattle.

This necklace has been designed with the smooth organic shapes of the stone in mind and finished in a matte grey 

This little pebble has a deep dark green/grey color and a high domed profile

Material: All Sterling silver

Size: Chain is 17 inches


My hope is that when you wear the pieces in this collection it serves as a gentle reminder to pause and watch the sunset, take a walk in the rain, dip your toes in the ocean, go for a bike ride, sit down in the grass, walk down those muddy trails, get lost in the woods and most importantly get out and move your body and breath some fresh air!

Because its good for your soul!

As always this Necklace was crafted with passion and fire in Seattle, Wa