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Opal and Montana Agate Beaded Statement Earrings *New

Opal and Montana Agate Beaded Statement Earrings *New

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These handcrafted beaded sections are paired with Peruvian Opal and Montana Agate, set in Sterling Silver with 14k Gold Fill ear wires.

These earrings are substantial, structured and playful! Truly the best of both worlds in my opinion!

This small collection of Beaded Earrings came about as I've always loved and had a great respect for the world of beading and It's creators. And although I wish I had the time and patience to pick up another new skill I instead partnered with an incredible bead weaver who created these custom bead sections for this collection! 

Gold Fill is made using solid gold that’s heat bonded onto a alloy metal with a total of 5% gold made in a way to where it will not rub or scratch off. Gold fill is great for someone with allergies or sensitivities 

Size: 4.5 x 1.5 inches including the Ear hook

Weight: 19g per earring 

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