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The “just do you” Ring

The “just do you” Ring

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“Just do you” is by far the best advice I’ve ever heard and something I keep reminding myself of time and time again.

it’s so simple yet it can be so challenging as we navigate through the many chapters of our life. 

I personally believe this pertains to every fraction of our life. Your career, fitness goals, your relationships, how you parent, making healthy choices, how you show up and ultimately who you are.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t push yourself and make any necessary changes, I believe you absolutely should but do so your way on your terms.


This ring is hand stamped with individual letters so there won’t be any identical rings out there. They will be as unique as we are.

This unisex ring is finished in a matte/satin and will stack perfectly with your favorite rings

Please send me a message during checkout if you would like a half or quarter size


Please allow 5-7 days for fabrication prior to shipping 

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